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You will save 30% for each wine
for registrations until the 01. November  2013.

2013 again increase in Greek lovers! Germans travelled back to Greece enjoying splendid moments. Greek quality products are rising and the local market demands more and more Greek products. But still… a lot of work to do to spread the message about your high quality wines. WINE System supports you with all kinds of marketing and communication in order to connect with the German Market.

The event finds resonance in relevant media and achieves a lot of attention from experts and consumers.

The winners of the Greek Wine Award 2014 will be presented at the Fair ProWein 2014
(23.-25.03.2014) in Düsseldorf. Throughout the year additional presentations are planned.


 Registration deadline:    07 February 2014
 Deadline for delivery of the wines:  14 February 2014
 Delivery of wines:
(3 bottles of each wine)
 WINE System
c/o Darting
Weinstrasse Süd 38,
67098 Bad Dürkheim


Tasting: Saturday / Sunday, 22./23 February 2014 in Bad Dürkheim

The participation fee is: 135,00 € for each wine, as of 4 wines 112,00 € for each wine,
as of 6 wines 95,00 € for each wine! Each plus VAT

The wine competition is exclusively for greek wines and greek sparkling and liqueur wines.

The tasting will proceed according to the internationally recognized «PAR» tasting
( ) from Martin Darting. It guarantees an independent quality assessment rather than individual interpretation. The result is transparent with a comprehensible documentation.

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More information about the award can be found at

WINE System AG
Nußbaumstr. 3
83112 Frasdorf
Tel. 08052 909074
Fax 08052 909075


Event announcement:

Greek Wine Award 2014

March 2014, Düsseldorf, ProWein

International Trade Fair  for Wines and Spirits

Insiders are excited about Greek wine

Only a few days: Count-Down for the prior arrangement for the „Greek Wine Award 2014“. Early bookers will get a discount of 30% on the registration fee.  

Greece, the cradle of European wine gets finally the attention it deserves.The «Greek Wine Award» wants to help to fill again the shelves of the wine merchants and supermarkets with more juice from the land of the gods.Despite diversity and high quality, the wine has never achieved the fame of its Italian or French colleagues.That should change and connoisseurs are already looking forward to the taste experience.

Since 2011 the tasting for the Greek Wine Award is an annual opportunity for the winemakers from the continent as well as from the numerous Greek Islands to present their products.

The next award ceremony will take place in March 2014 on the «ProWein», the International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits in Dusseldorf.The deadline for prior arrangement is currently in the final sprint.Time is money, it means now for the Greek wine producers: anyone who will registrate in time until the 1st November 2013, will get an Early Bird Discount of 30% for each registered wine.

The Greek Wine Award was launched by the German WINE System AG.From year to year the popularity of the event increases by retailers and gastronomes. Gisela Wüstinger, Managing Director of WINE System AG is convinced that Greek wine will inspire the sommeliers:„It’s really amazing which excellent quality the submitted wines have. At the tasting last March, the experts have in fact awarded 17 gold medals and 30 silver medals – from Attica over Crete up to the Peloponnese and Santorini. It is no surprise that the demand continues to grow not only in Germany!“

No matter how many Greek wineries will be allowed to fix one of the desired medals on their bottles in spring 2014– it will increase the export.

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Brief Profile:


Since 1999, the WINE System AG advises in all matters relating to the subject of wine and offers winemakers  and wine retrailers a quality internet presence.

The Manging Director Gisela Wüstinger has got many years of experience in wine competitions, tastings and wine events.Together with Martin Darting, a trained winemaker and longtime sensory and tasting expert, she has launched the «Greek Wine Award» in 2010.


In addition, the WINE System AG developed the PAR rating. PAR stands forProduct – Analyse – Ranking.


This allows a very detailed product rating for premisses such as origin, variety, appearance, flavor, ingredients , etc. The sophisticated system enables an objective reproduction of tasting results and therefore provids an optimal quality guideline for retailers  and gastronomes.